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5-18-07 This weeks Missouri Family Law Cases

Posted in Alimony / Maintenance, Modifications
Wife Concedes Ambiguous Term In Agreement; Prevails On Appeal Separation agreement provided non-modifiable maintenance to Wife, and Circuit Court found no basis for modification, so it had no power to modify maintenance. Husband’s points, all related to manner of modification, are therefore moot. Ambiguity remains in terms of agreement, but Wife’s concession of the point… Continue Reading

This Week in Missouri Family Law

Posted in Alimony / Maintenance, Assets and Debts, Property Division
Conduct During Marriage Influences Judgment Wife’s inability to support herself due to health problems and lack of skills supports award of maintenance. Evidence of Wife’s resources, from later hearing on attorney fees, is no basis for reversing Circuit Court’s award of maintenance. Husband’s use of resources, including extramarital affair, supports division of property and allocation… Continue Reading

Selling Your Home When Divorcing

Posted in Alimony / Maintenance, Assets and Debts, Financial Issues, Marriage and Family, Property Division, Uncategorized
The following are some infomative and useful tips on the sale of a residence in divorce from divorcehq.com For many people going through a divorce their biggest asset is their home or in legal speak, the marital residence. Deciding what to do about the marital residence is often a major issue in a divorce. There are a few… Continue Reading

Case Law Update:Debt to Spouse was not discharged in Bankruptcy

Posted in Alimony / Maintenance, Financial Issues, Property Division
Separation Agreement gave Amway distributorship to Wife for monthly payments to Husband. That payment was considered support because nothing else provided maintenance, the payment was in installments, it was subject to modification based on Amway profits, and it terminated on death of Husband. Trial Court erred in characterizing Wife’s debt to Husband as a property… Continue Reading

Tax implications of divorce I – Deduct your attorney’s fees?

Posted in Alimony / Maintenance, Divorce, Uncategorized
Attorney’s fees for professional services by a divorce attorney can be deductible, but not in their entirety.  Fees attributed to a dissolution of marriage are not deductible, which includes pleadings, court appearances, and non-tax related negotiations, custody, visitation, and child support fees.  You can only deduct for services performed in connection with actual tax advice… Continue Reading